Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not Quite Back . . .

Dear Loyal Readers:

I do apologize for this recent long delay in regular posts ! !
My few reasons include (but are not exclusive to): 

1)  I am currently engaged in The Great 2014 Purge (cleaning / organizing my home-office, going through every thing I own to sort out the unnecessary items that are distractions and /or sentimental burdens). 

2)  My other web site needs a complete overhaul of content and remodeled for structure (a time-consuming endeavor... as it has seven 'main' pages, several sub-sections, countless videos, and a twenty-two page photo gallery.)

_   _   _   _   _

3)  Most Importantly, I started a New Part-Time Business that I'm Excited About... I Help People Get FREE Energy (Natural Gas & Electric) and Get Paid to Show Others How to Do the Same. 

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Ever Yours,

aka: JMann


Friday, September 20, 2013

Tribute to Teachers Drumming ! !

Yesterday, We had a "Products of Peru" Table for the Cultural Showcase

13th Annual Diversity Conference
at SUNY College at Brockport

Thanks to Clyde Morgan, Khalid Saleem,
and Jim Donovan...

My Top-Three / Top-Shelf Teachers

Products of Peru

Ever Yours,


Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Still Shadow . . .

Twenty-One - 6/26/38 - Blind Beggar Dies:

  Man-O-Man… How I Love these Old-Time Radio Shows !! I enjoy them so much that I can’t promise I’ll be able to write anything worthy of my Three-Reader Audience and before it starts I want to apologize, in case it’s a No-Thought-Popper.

  It begins with a street singer named Singing Jim being hassled by a couple men who claim Jim didn’t pay for protection. They drag him into an ally, and pound him with a Blackjack a few times while reminding him that he owes one dollar a week or face worse. He’s found the next day barely alive and Lamont and Margo help Jim to the hospital. Jim is so afraid that he can’t even tell Lamont who beat him. He screams, “Leave me alone, I can’t pay,” and then dies in front of Lamont and Margo.

  At a secret rally of the local street vendors, they all argue about what to do. There’s one thing they can all agree on, that they can’t expect any help from the police. Then Mary, the Apple Lady, tells the group of a secret visitor she had the night before. One that those who can ‘see’ will not agree he even exists. Someone that said he would come to this meeting tonight and help them all… (Cue the Shadow’s laughter!) “Don’t be afraid, it’s the me, the Shadow, and I’ve come here to help you!”

  The Protection Racket is one of the most evil of all criminal enterprises… but, We-the-People get our great ‘strength’ from the numbers. Think how easy it is to break a single pencil. Then how easy/hard it might be with ten, or twenty pencils.

  Can you (my three loyal readers) think of any ‘modern’ examples of how or when people have come together (like in this episode) to become more powerful against an oppressor? If so, we could have a vibrant discussion in the comment section below… 

-   -   -   -   -

Twenty-Two - 7/10/38 - The White God:

  G-O-O-D-R-I-C-H that spells ‘Moon’ . . . have you ever read Stephen King’s “The Stand”? Oh well, just listening to the old tire commercial, where the announcer actually spells the name *smiles* before the show starts and the mind’s already wandering . . .

  At a meeting, a group inquires about tracing a missing yacht, to clear up a mystery of the South Pacific. When the Shadow shows up (earliest in an episode yet) to offer assistance. The Shadow supposes that if he, continuously disguised as the Shadow, and his companion Miss Margo Lane, ride out on a Naval cruiser he will be able to prove his theory that the ships were actually built to disappear.

  Shadow thinks they should travel off the cruiser, by a sea plain, to an island that he’s heard about. Where there is a man known by the natives only as the ‘White God’. As they get near the island the plain lurches and flies erratically. It’s almost as if the plain is being drawn in… by a huge magnet. On the way in, Shadow noticed a circular hole in a volcano and says, “It must be man-made magnet that pulls ships to their destruction.”

  Case solved, good night . . . oh wait, it’s only been ten minutes. They’ve still got at least eighteen more minutes to fill. What was I thinking? Back to the show… Shadow and Margo found that just it’s a simple little trick with a hidden elevator that has the natives all believing he’s the White God.

  How many people in America today think that some of our leaders are god-like? That can do no wrong? Can pass laws and shove more crap we don’t need down our collective throats. Take vacations at our expense. Play golf and then make back door deals. Limousine rides to a free lunch every day. Then these legislators get away with saying, “Have a good weekend” to their buddies and it’s only Wednesday. Then after just one term, they get a full retirement package, medical benefits, and return home a millionaire.

  Without getting too politically in my statement, I believe that most politicians and the mainstream media have pulled one over on the American public. I have thought about this idea for quite some time now. Consider that the People are caught up in emotional problems that are the eleven through twenty worst problems we face economically. These are then switched with the ‘true’ top ten. This causes everyone to get all excited over the more emotional (and now perceived top ten) problems, while the REAL top ten have been moved down the chart.

  As you can imagine, the real economic problems we face are not thought about much anymore. We all argue over social emotions and point fingers at each other. When our real economic problems get kicked down the road like an old rusty can. Our country stays ‘divided’ over issues that really don’t have much of an affect on our day-to-day lives. I think we should be coming together to solve these problems when it can still be painless to do so, and long before the economy completely brakes… If that happens we will still have to fix everything, but it will be long, difficult, and miserable. All because we lose all of our choices, and the measures enacted will be painful and drastic . . . Well, now I just say, “Enough said!”

In Rhythm,


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book: “Success Is Just One Wish Away" by Jon Spoelstra ! !

   You’ll figure it out sooner or later that the books I review here (in my mind) are all fantastically terrific, and this little book from 1998 is no exception. You’ll find a rainbow-colored title and a cute subtitle that says, “Make just one wish and your life suddenly changes. Just make sure it’s the right one.” There is a great quote from Harvey Mackay on the cover as well.

  Now before I tell you why it’s such a cute little adventure parable, where the reader gets to learn information that is revealed to the main character as she/he completes a journey, I want to share how I came to have this book. Mom and Dad were out of town on their annual vacation to Myrtle Beach. One morning in a bookstore, drinking a bold-roast decaf coffee, my Dad had the bright idea to send me a twenty-dollar “tickle’ for coffee (as he likes to call it). But he usually lets Mom send all the family post cards, so his dilemma was how to sneak the $20 past her (my brother and two sisters all laugh at this because she 'always' knows anyway). My Dad just grabbed the first book with an interesting title he could find in the section where he happened to be when he got this great idea, and stuck that ‘twenty’ inside the cover (he also wrote me a very toughing note AND it happened to be Valentines Day). Then he walked to a near by post office and sent it before Mom even noticed that he was gone.

  I can tell you that… with this random choice to sneak me a ‘Coffee Tickle’… my father sent me one of the most profound books I have ever read !! And it contains a cute little story with a genie named Darrell, who wears an Armani suit, popping out of an aerosol can on an Oregon beach. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s true, not all genies are amazingly beautiful women dressed up in belly-dancer outfits.

  This story may be cute, but it packs a punch that knocks you off your feet and smacks you up-side-the-head before you can even stand back up. If you have ever considered the possibility of living a dream-come-true or to fulfill some calling… then this book just might be the one for you. I am sure you have heard of or know about work ethic. You know, the one that’s needed to succeed in this world. Have you ever heard of ‘Effective’ Work Ethic? Well, this genie named Darrell is the right person to show you. If you want to find out about that One Wish… then you’ll have to read the book.

  Please don’t be someone who waits on the dock-of-life for a ‘Ship of Opportunity’ to pull into port only for you. Get off your backside and jump right in… swim out there to meet that ship before it floats on past you one more time. Just go buy this book to learn how to be ‘effective’ at whatever you choose to do. There is no higher calling than to serve Man, and to work in service to the greater cause of humanity. Buy or borrow this book TODAY… and then go put on your swimsuit ! ! !

Ever Yours,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Sunday Drums . . .

  We had a great time last Sunday (8/11) playing some Heart Beat Rhythms and making up songs for each other. It was a small group this time, but we had a real blast listening to how it sounded . . . we screeched at the pigeons and howled at the new crescent (my favorite) moon. Below is a small sample of the Pics & Vids -or- you can just visit Jeff's site ! ! !

"He's Crazy"

"Pigeon Clouds 1"

In Rhythm,


Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Leadership Posts ! !

   I have recently come across a Blog on Leadership and Motivation for the School setting via a few mutual comments. I am requesting that my three readers go and check out the content on Michael Horton's Blog... OK, I'll wait here until you get back... Seriously . . . Go There NOW ! ! ! 

  Once there, you'll find fresh, inspiring posts on a wide variety of Leadership topics, including a book I have previously reviewed here in the Mad Mammal Files, "The Twelve Pillars" by Jim Rohn & Chris Widener. Plus a book that I will be reviewing in the distant future, "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge.  Also you will find the short video (see below) that has really caught my attention, "212 Degree Leadership" . . . I will be adding Michael's Leadership Blog to my list for following !! 

Thanks Michael, for Your Comments and Inspiration to Quest for More . . . 

Ever Yours,


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book: "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson . . .

  This great little book from 2005 is just over one hundred and fifty pages and has the subtitle of, “Secret to a Successful Life”. It’s in the self-help category. On the back cover it says that this book is for you if you are looking for one missing thing in life that would help you achieve your desired goal, realize a long-held dream, or push you up the ladder to success.

  Health, finances, personal relationships, family life, etc… it’s really all about your daily choices. This book gives you the ‘slight edge’ for creating a personal philosophy that will in turn give you the winning attitude, the one edge that will allow you to win what you desire in your life.

  But you must remember that this edge can also just as easily work against you. Many examples to this edge are offered in cute little stories and fables, like “The Two Frogs in a Milk Can” story, that show us how this edge is right in front of us. It will work if we will only put forth a simple but daily effort. To learn more about the frogs just go to the bookstore and turn to page eight.

  Without going into details that would tell too much of the story, the ‘Slight Edge’ is the wisdom and habits of thought and action. It’s really simple, but also your choice. Would you want a million dollars in cash now, or a penny that doubled every day for a month? The second way gives very little until after twenty days. After thirty days you’ll have just over the ten million dollars ($10,737,418.24). It’s about the power of compounding, the way your daily efforts will multiply and grow until the successful payoff. This only comes from your small, but simple and repeatable actions.

  You may ask, “What is the first step?” It requires new thinking… not about the actions to take. What you really need is the correct information, and then the desire to apply it. Most people fail because they stop the doing… they don’t learn from mistakes. Like Babe Ruth’s strike out count on his way to becoming the home run king or the number of elections Abe Lincoln lost before he ran for President. Failure is an opportunity to learn. 

“I have not failed. I have simply discovered ten
thousand ways that don’t work.” – Thomas Edison

  This ‘Slight Edge’ is a truly simple concept, but it is the missing ingredient that we can use to succeed. As it is said, that if it were easy everyone would be doing it and we would all have our dreams coming true. If you are serious about a dream or vision for your future, then spend the $12.95 and go buy this book today. I am sure that you will be happy that you didn’t wait . . . and remember that ‘time’ is the most powerful force for change.



Saturday, August 3, 2013

Does Shadow Know ?!

Nineteen - 6/12/38 – Death from the Deep:

  “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” (Cue the evil laughter and the creepy organ music.)” Yea… More Shadow Episodes after a Goodrich tire commercial !! 

  Here I sit in our tremendous local library and watching the people interact. Some are reading newspapers, a boy is being tutored in math, laptops are glowing, the teen-center is quite active, others are chatting, and some are just people watching. 

  This episode starts out on board a boat with its engine faltering, when suddenly a submarine surfaces to blast them with a machine gun. Then we hear that recently eighteen ships from many different countries have all sunk. Any sailors that escaped their ship were found dead in their lifeboats along the shore. What could be the motive of these dastardly pirates? (Sounds like a Dudley Doright show.) Many sailors are now refusing to go out to sea and the economy is suffering from lowered shipping and tourism.

  Enter, the Shadow…

  Side Note: In the few weeks I’ve been a very regular visitor to our great little library… I can unequivocally (is that the right word?) say that I am so very grateful that I have a personal computer that’s mobile ! ! ! I have been watching those that use the Public Internet Computers that the library has set up. People are treating the computers and each other terrible here… coughing into their hands, popping pimples, picking noses, and a multitude of other gross bodily functions AND THEN placing their dirty or germ-covered hands all over the mouse(s) and keyboards !?!???? I can’t imagine why people would treat another person’s or the community’s property (and especially each other) with such laziness and mindless disrespect… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!!

  Back to the Show, if I’m able, after watching the ‘Zit-Popper-Dude’ just grab a mouse with puss-covered hand…

  The plan was that after the one seaman clued-in the Shadow, he can locate the submarine and then contact Margo over the mind-to-radio frequency. Then Miss lane will contact the Coast Guard so they can zoom in and save the day. (Mr. Doright again!) “Contacting Margo Lane!… Contacting Margo Lane!... Do You Read Me Margo?”

  Well, not too much has popped into my head from listening to this episode that’s worthy of writing for my Three Readers… except all that about the Pimple Popping Madman… so I will leave just it here !?

  Until next time Shadow Seekers… when we meet again (cue an evil Shadow laughing). 

-   -   -   -   - 

Twenty - 6/19/38 – The Fire Bug:

    I’m up late night, and the rent for my second office (Tim Horton’s) is just a cup of coffee and maybe a doughnut… but tonight there are four jerks sitting here playing cards who are so loud I can barely hear this show with headphones on ??! Oh well, just another example of how people are lost in there own little world and oblivious to others around them.

  I often question people when I hear them complaining about others. I’ll ask, “Do you see all these things around you? The buildings, streets, cars, and lights, etc?” They usually say that they do, and I follow up with the statement, “Well, my friend, if it was just you living here, none of these things would exist…” If they don’t get my sarcasm, I explain further that because we live in a free society with others, maybe it would be best to accept some things that upset us or that we don’t agree with. So… I guess I will just have to ignore these card-players as best I can, and follow my own message. Also to try and not take it personal . . .

  This episode begins with another brutal fire burning at Fourth and Chestnut Streets. It’s the same story as the previous six fires… and now people are clamoring for the City Commissioner and Fire Chief’s jobs. Arsonists are some of the hardest criminals to catch as the evidence is usually burnt, and motives are extremely varied. Fires kill people, destroy property, and put first responders at risk.

  When the Shadow shows up at a secret meeting, he finds out that it’s an Insurance Broker responsible for all this death and destruction. This is an interesting show, but not much is popping into my mind… and being in the gray… matters !! (This is your brain, this is your brain on Internet... be careful of the Internet!)

  Until Next Time, try and remember that, “The weed of crime bares bitter fruit, crime does not pay… the Shadow knows (cue the evil laughter).”

Ever Your Humble Servant, and
In Rhythm, 

PS: I seem to be posting a large number of Shadow Notes, and even some Book Reviews, compared to the 'normal' commentary of a Mad Mammal... it's not because I don't have anything to say . . . but the timing of issues has to be right to write. I sincerely hope that my Three Readers will understand and continue with their much appreciated support ! ! ! 



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book: "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz . . .

  This is a book of Toltec Wisdom and subtitled, “A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom”. I positively love this little book of around One Hundred and Fifty pages. Just go buy the Hard Cover RIGHT AWAY !!! Don’t bother with the library or checking into it first… trust me, go get it now, you won’t regret it. I have read it a few times, and I like it more each time (“Is that even possible?”). Well, yes, it is… if you can just remember WPAB.

W = Word, P = Personally, A = Assumptions, and B = Best...
It's how I remember the Agreements: WPBA

  On the back cover it says, “The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love”. There are also quotes from Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Dan Millman, three of the most renowned authors of the personal growth / self-help genre.

WARNING:  Once you have read and absorb this potent information

you can never go back. The box is now open and what you

learn about your own ‘self-limiting beliefs’ won't

fit back into the original container.

  More recently, the author’s son has written another book called, “The Fifth Agreement”. It reviews the first four and then gives you the simplest, but most impeccable agreement of all. Do yourself a favor though, and read the first four as a separate version and process the information all in it's own good time. You will thank me if you do. You can lend out the first book while holding on to the second, keeping it all to yourself.

  This is truly one of the more interesting, life-changing books I have ever read. It shows you that you have the power inside yourself to create a heaven here on earth or you can create a hell. It is your choice... you can give yourself permission to live happy and really enjoy your life. Only love has the ability to put you in that state of bliss, an inner peace, and it will change your perception of everything . . . 

That's as far as I can/will go introducing these Agreements ! !

Yours, In Rhythm,


Monday, July 29, 2013

More Shadow Notes ! !

Seventeen - 5/21/38 – Murder on Approval:

  The announcer starts with, “Ladies and Gentlemen, to stay at the top and meet the competition of the underworld’s keenest minds, the Shadow still has to be better than any of them. And it’s the same way with tires…” I often complain about these old time commercials but, when you hear them, well, it also give me a thrill to imagine people all sitting in there living rooms or kitchens together while listening all across the country. What was the mindset then? Do they want these golden new tires or do they need the car first?

  Oh, here we go… this one starts out with a military guy (a general I think) asking a professor if the viral agent that he produced can really infect large numbers of people as claimed, “To cause more deaths in an army than all the guns in the world?” Most ingenious inventions begin with the best intent (yea right!). But somewhere along the line a greed factor gets added to the pot, and once mixed in… (cue the heavy organ music) someone will be used as a guinea pig to prove the effectiveness and then a value can be exploited from those seeking power !!

  I love how the writers find new and fresh ways to place Lamont and Margo at a function that will eventually tie in to the plot. Tonight, they are at a diner party at a military installation. It just so happens to be the same one where the test was to be held to prove to validity of the chemical agent (cuing more organ chords dah dah dah!).

  Lamont wonders aloud, “Maybe it’s some new form of oriental plague?” But it seems to be, at the moment, to be similar to the book by Max Brooks, “World War Z”. The one I haven’t read yet, but is actually ‘in transit’ to the library I find myself sitting. I did watch the movie one week ago. I bought a ‘toasted’ Spicy Italian from Subway and had them place each half in separate bags so they would fit into my pants pockets easier. It was a great pleasure to sit in the theater (only three other people) and munching down a warm sandwich instead of paying for popcorn. I took a super large slice of pepperoni pizza under my shirt to the latest Star Trek film. But I had to wait until movie got very loud because the bag holding the slice was noisy. If you take in a can of soda, I would recommend faking a sneeze when you popped the top.

  I am jolted back from my thought-tangent by the producers of the Shadow show. They’re asking the audience to imagine themselves out driving at night when it’s raining. All of a sudden you must quickly use your breaks and the Shadow then asks, “Will your tires slip or grip?” Wow! They really like cuing up the heavy organ tunes don’t they. Just as my mind was starting to wander down a path about how people are doing horrible things to others in order to gain power or acquire wealth. Well, maybe it’s a ‘Martha Stewart’ (A Good Thing) that I didn’t go too far down that thought path… thinking about how sick some people are causes me a kind of distress similar to drinking too much coffee. When I have a chance to converse or debate the issues with others I enjoy the challenge. But when I am alone in a public or private place I would rather not.

  When people consider using chemical agents for warfare or evil reasons it makes me wonder why we have survived as a race this long . . .

  Here's a Great Subject to Start a Debate: Watch the film, or read the book, “Half the Sky” Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. 

  You can find information about it on the web site of PBS. Be prepared for a long session of tears / laughter, as you watch examples of brutal oppression by people against their own. These are balanced by the many ways that women around our world are overcoming this fear-based oppression and rising up. (I Have tears in my eyes as I write this…) I’ve just decided to create a Post for the three readers of my Blog about this powerful documentary. 

-  -  -  -  - 

Eighteen - 6/05/38 – Hypnotized Audience:

  “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (cue evil laughing) the Shadow knows!”

  “The Shadow, Lamont Cranston, a man of wealth, a student of science, and a master of other people’s minds, devotes his life to righting wrongs, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty. Using advanced methods that may ultimately become available to law enforcement agencies, Cranston is known to the Underworld as The Shadow. Never seen, only heard… as haunting to superstitious minds as a ghost, as inevitable as a guilty conscious. The Shadow’s true identity is known only to his constant friend and aid, Margo Lane.”

  This episode begins with us hearing series secretive sounding foreign accents that are speaking of a plot to hypnotize a group of people in order to get a comrade and brother, a brutal convicted murderer, free from the prison that holds him. Ye again, Lamont and Margo are at the same performance that the Governor is, and exactly in the same place these evildoers are plotting (more organ music). Lamont suddenly realizes that the whole audience is being hypnotized and he is the only one immune to these mind controls. “Everyone! Listen to me… the Governor has been kidnapped!”

  I wonder… what level and/or to what degree individuals or groups (public, private, or secret) would go to hypnotize others? By hypnotize, I mean ‘any’ form of control. Whether it’s mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. We have recently heard of the IRS and other US Government agencies spying on people… for what purpose and to what end ?! We’ve nothing to fear but fear? Really?

  Guess my three readers and I will now be ‘targets’ just for mentioning this… all across our country now we could really use a visit from The Shadow to protect the innocent . . . All because ‘Crime Does Not Pay’ (unless you work for Big Brother). 
More When I'm Inspired to . . .
Your Humble Servant,

Sunday Drums in Brockport . . .

Our Most Recent Community Drumming

 Cumulus Gratitude

Sundays in August at Sagawa Park

7 to 9pm  ~  Downtown Brockport, NY

In Rhythm,


Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Sunrise Drive ! !

Saturday, July 20th... a Spectacular Sunrise ! ! !

Canal Road


Sweden-Walker Rd & East Ave

 Main Street


In Rhythm,


Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's In the Commerce . . .

  While listening to the Shadow lately, I’ve begun to wonder if our modern advertisers use fear tactics to sell their products. Well, the answer is a resounding and definite Y E S ! ! Just the other night during a favorite show, I was determined to stay on this one channel for a minimum of one hour and watch the commercials. What I found was a bit surprising… then after thinking about it for a while, I realized that not only does sex sell, but also ‘fear’ is the easiest way to strike a chord with people. I found that this base-emotion is used by the majority of advertisers.

  So here are some of the commercials I watched in the order that they appeared. Not all used fear, but most began their pitch with something negative (because that's all we'll remember) before they went on to show how their product was the only way to solve this problem.

 The first was a mattress company that absolutely ‘slammed’ their competitor for lacking in quality and for telling you lies about the product. Then they used the same lie about themselves, but changed the tone in the voice.

  Next was an automobile that was distracting you with many different camera angels and activity inside a family’s car, while they were backing out of a driveway… when all of a sudden, a child was behind their car chasing a ball. The car’s back sensors and auto-braking system will apply the brakes before you and save the day.

  Then a company, that we all know their little jingle, shows how sad and unfortunate it would be to only attend one vacation this summer. But guess what? You can go to both because they will save you so much money. Even the music changes and the colors get happier when this good news is shared.

  A well-known local men’s-wear company came on next and did NOT start negative or slam a competitor. I was on a roll and did not expect this at all !! It was information about their top-shelf quality suits and about the special ‘two-for-one sale’ they had for that holiday weekend. Plus for every suit you bought, they would donate one suit to a returning Veteran, so they would be able to use it for job interviews. This was a powerful advertisement and I wanted to buy a suit because it was a GREAT deal… helping a Veteran was all on them, they were the good-guys for helping returning Vets. This was a great add...

  Oh man, right back into the lying Toro Caca (Bull Crap) that I expected from some of these people. Shale Oil… They start out bragging that they have invested mucho dollars into research and development. It’s such a great thing for our country. “We’ll bring jobs to your area and strengthen the economy”. Then they quickly slipped in that in many areas where they were Fracking, they were offering FREE concrete liners for all the water wells. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !!!?!?!?!?!????? Hello People… Why do they need to protect wells? If it’s so safe and great for everyone…

  NOTE: My Humble Opinion: No one should be allowed to FRACK any where NEAR the ‘Great Lakes Drainage Basin’… on either side of the border… PERIOD !! Don’t freaking risk the best source of drinking water we have on the planet for any reason. Just Frackin Don’t !! This is NOT a case of not in my backyard, but real common sense. If you want fuel, then grow Hemp and make renewable ethanol from this weed that grows anywhere without pesticides and fertilizers. Evil, Greedy MFs that are risking our health and future for the dollar should be prosecuted, fined billions, and then sent to the moon to live.

  Then we’re getting slammed with women flirting with their hubbies who have taken a pill… results may vary… you can be ready when the moment’s right. This is all fine and dandy, but call 911 if you get a woody lasting four hours. Are they bragging about their products effectiveness or warning people that it may not be safe to have that much blood flowing away from your brain for that long?

  After that we get a few not-so-good commercials about a vehicle that traveled around the world and could be great for around your town, advance genomic testing so cancer won’t get you, a travel company that uses many sites at once that will save you time and money, a publisher trying to ask the question about liking $5,000 a week for life, a windshield repair company being better in their mind, taking 12 pills vs 2 pills per day for pain (boring), peace of mind from another, threats about high cholesterol being bad without their pill, blah blah blah buy a Hyundai, an introduction for a new and improved, longer lasting, a no side effects and guaranteed so try it now, more blah blah while fine print races across the bottom of the screen, and then back to exaggerations about a mattress store being better that the competition.

  But what really got me going again, was when a BP spokesperson came on and claimed that they have invested billions in America while showing all this great scenery and wonderful images… but my thoughts were about how this money they spent was forced on them for the oil spill in the gulf and were fines to repay for the horrible damage. Investments my ass… they were probably feeling guilty for how they are perceived around the world and were running these Public Service Announcements to cover up an ugly truth.

  FACT: These companies ‘seem’ to be selling products, but they are actually selling fear. Preying on people through this base emotion causes people to feel bad about themselves. We certainly must be ugly if we need make-up or weight-loss products. We will be lonely, sad, depressed, and be completely unfulfilled without the comfort only they have for us. We are made to feel as if we'll die horribly unless we quickly learn how to become savvy marketplace conquistadors…

  CONCLUSION: It seems that since the beginning of civilization, and those first sales pitches among traders, product marketers have found out that sex sells merchandise, but what really works is scaring people. So when I make fun of the scare-tactics used by sponsors on the Old Time Radio shows, when it seems that they were not regulated on what could be said about their products… this actually started long before and is certainly still going on today. I will try to be more thoughtful before I criticize in the future. (NOT)

I would be happy to engage any comments
or a discussion on this topic (see below) . . .