Monday, September 12, 2011

Fresh 911 Memories ! !

  This past weekend dredged up strong memories from a day that has been seared into our minds for the rest of our lives and probably beyond. As one friend describes the effect, "You've just received a Brain Tattoo!" One of the better memories recalled was from Saturday, September 11, 2004. Tribe Still Percussion performed at Brockport's 2nd Sept Fest.

The Following words were spoken during the show:

Greetings We Bring to You !! Hello Everyone, this is some of Tribe Still Percussion Ensemble.
What we will proudly share with you today are not rehearsed pieces. It's Jamming . . .
We set a beat and let it get established. Then we have fun with it, make mistakes
and laugh; mostly we speak with new voices every time we get together !!

The first piece is simply called 'The Three Beat' . . . we play three's, or triplets,
over and over until something blossoms. We dedicate it to those we lost three
years ago today, when three buildings were attacked. We Will Not Forget !!
_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _     _

Today is 'Nine Eleven' . . . anniversary of a terrible day when three places were scarred,
two buildings fell and One Nation Rose Up !! This isn't a day of mourning, but a day
of remembrance and celebration. This empty 'Drum and Chair' beside us . . .
are set up for people not able to be here to Jam with us.

This next piece is a traditional Call to Gather and Celebrate . . .
and we play it now in Memory of the Heroes of Flight 93
who died in Shanksville, PA. We Will Not Forget !!
After the Show, We went to Brockport's 911 Memorial for SILENT DRUMS . . .
The Firemen present asked us to play, but they 'understood' our desire to be quiet. More from that day is posted at the Tribe Still Percussion Web Site
In Rhythm,

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