Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book: “Success Is Just One Wish Away" by Jon Spoelstra ! !

   You’ll figure it out sooner or later that the books I review here (in my mind) are all fantastically terrific, and this little book from 1998 is no exception. You’ll find a rainbow-colored title and a cute subtitle that says, “Make just one wish and your life suddenly changes. Just make sure it’s the right one.” There is a great quote from Harvey Mackay on the cover as well.

  Now before I tell you why it’s such a cute little adventure parable, where the reader gets to learn information that is revealed to the main character as she/he completes a journey, I want to share how I came to have this book. Mom and Dad were out of town on their annual vacation to Myrtle Beach. One morning in a bookstore, drinking a bold-roast decaf coffee, my Dad had the bright idea to send me a twenty-dollar “tickle’ for coffee (as he likes to call it). But he usually lets Mom send all the family post cards, so his dilemma was how to sneak the $20 past her (my brother and two sisters all laugh at this because she 'always' knows anyway). My Dad just grabbed the first book with an interesting title he could find in the section where he happened to be when he got this great idea, and stuck that ‘twenty’ inside the cover (he also wrote me a very toughing note AND it happened to be Valentines Day). Then he walked to a near by post office and sent it before Mom even noticed that he was gone.

  I can tell you that… with this random choice to sneak me a ‘Coffee Tickle’… my father sent me one of the most profound books I have ever read !! And it contains a cute little story with a genie named Darrell, who wears an Armani suit, popping out of an aerosol can on an Oregon beach. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s true, not all genies are amazingly beautiful women dressed up in belly-dancer outfits.

  This story may be cute, but it packs a punch that knocks you off your feet and smacks you up-side-the-head before you can even stand back up. If you have ever considered the possibility of living a dream-come-true or to fulfill some calling… then this book just might be the one for you. I am sure you have heard of or know about work ethic. You know, the one that’s needed to succeed in this world. Have you ever heard of ‘Effective’ Work Ethic? Well, this genie named Darrell is the right person to show you. If you want to find out about that One Wish… then you’ll have to read the book.

  Please don’t be someone who waits on the dock-of-life for a ‘Ship of Opportunity’ to pull into port only for you. Get off your backside and jump right in… swim out there to meet that ship before it floats on past you one more time. Just go buy this book to learn how to be ‘effective’ at whatever you choose to do. There is no higher calling than to serve Man, and to work in service to the greater cause of humanity. Buy or borrow this book TODAY… and then go put on your swimsuit ! ! !

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