Monday, August 20, 2012

American Celebrity 'Picks' the Junction . . .

  Brockport's Java Junction was the 'choice pick' for an afternoon coffee break by Frank Fritz earlier today. I stopped in for a diluted espresso (Americano) and was pleasantly surprised to meet Frank, half of History Channel's Celebrity Dynamic Duo from the hit television show, "American Pickers" !!!

  From what I saw, Frank is just like we see him on television... laid back, with a quick and witty humor, and a genuine interest in the people he meets while out on the road. When asked if they were 'Picking' in the area, he couldn't say because of the show.

Brockport was certainly lifted up another
notch or two today from Frank's visit and
I'm really glad to have shaken his hand.

Ever Yours,



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  1. He picked a great place to have coffee! Java Junction is the best!