Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Serenades at Lift Bridge Books

  I happened to be lucky enough to hear, from the organizer Don Zimmer, about a small gathering for the afternoon of July 10th. Occasionally on Sundays there are musical events in the basement of the Lift Bridge Book Store. Move some of the book shelves, grab a few chairs, and roll in a small grand piano . . . now the scene is set for talent to shine in Historic Downtown Brockport.

  The first act was Jim Foote and Rick "Woody" Nicholson. It was a mix of nice music, good singing, and GREAT playing ! ! Wow, what a fine blend of their two different styles. I've heard them both playing separately and it was good to hear them playing together. Jim played piano and guitar, while Woody played a guitar. I didn't see their whole set (US Woman's Soccer Match), but what I did catch was pleasing to the ear. In my humble opinion, Brockport needs many more ways to showcase talent . . . for the artists AND an audience that is 'starving' for quality entertainment.

Jim Foote and Woody Nicholson

  The second half of the afternoon was truly a 'Wonder to Behold' . . . and the talent lifted all of Brockport for at least those few minutes. Having gotten together only three days earlier to plan a set list and rehearse, Katie Preston on piano and Cara Zimmer with voice, these two lovely ladies performed as if they'd done it for years. I like all their choices of songs and thoroughly enjoyed the Gershwin Show Tune, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" . . .

  But when Cara sang the Academy Awarded Song, "Over the Rainbow" . . . I wept. The tears rolled down my face . . . and I was completely 'blown away' by the raw emotion she was able to bring out of those melancholy lyrics. These two young Ladies completely removed me from the moment . . . and took me to that 'special place' where dreams do come true ! ! !

Katie Preston and Cara Zimmer

  Ever since I can remember, exceptional talent, kindness, and grace have given me Hope for Mankind . . . that a bright future is still possible . . . that people will one day realize our only responsibility is to care for each other. To allow all people a chance to shine . . . and to live a life of abundance and meaning . . . I want to see more of Jim, Woody, Katie and Cara.

Thanks to Don Zimmer for Organizing 'Sunday Serenades' and Lift Bridge Books for Hosting ! !

In Rhythm,


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