Saturday, July 30, 2011

Intentional Act of Kindness . . .

  It was going to be a hot, humid and rainy day on Friday, so Woody and I took a ride to another coffee shop that's inside a book store. (Both of which do NOT like to be named, so I'll do what I can to avoid mentioning where we were at the Mall in Greece, NY.) It was a pleasant change of scenery, but we had to take our own 'locally made' scone and cookie because the price of admission is quite high.

  After making our choice of beverages, and getting settled in at the tables nearest an electrical outlet, we got right into our 'dueling laptops'. With  my headphones  on, lost in a widget-wonder-quest, I barely heard snippets of the conversation Woody was having with an elderly gentleman. Gaining a whole new level of love and respect for my friend Woody (Rick Nicholson), after he said to the obviously distressed man, "Do you need a hug? (pause) I'll give you a hug!" Woody stood up and wrapped his big loving arms around the rotund man . . . a tear fell from my eye as I watched him share a powerful dose of love to a complete stranger.

  Now this wasn't a typical 'man-hug' where the two quickly touch shoulders, slap the back twice, and then separate . . . this was a full embrace that is rarely seen today in our culture. (A thought-gathering pause here...)

  This Intentional Act of Kindness had a powerful and immediately visible effect on that man, the room and our world . . . a tremendous moment to witness . . . and now the LOVE has been passed on to YOU ! ! !

Thanks to My 'Three Readers' for their Generous Support ! !

In Light,

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