Saturday, July 9, 2011

Copa America Argentina 2011 . . .

  As most of my three readers know, I am a "Loco por Futbol" Soccer Fan, and Last Night I was in Futbol Heaven ! ! Copa America 2011 (America Cup ~ like World Cup but for Latin America) is being contested this July in Argentina and the Team of My Heart (PERU) was Playing against a Mexico.

LAST UPDATE: A Great Tournament for the Host Nation Argentina !! On July 23rd, Peru pounded Venezuela 4-1 to take Third Place and a pretty good showing overall. Then on July 24th, Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 in a high stakes Grand Final match that was closer than the score shows. After defensive playing Uruguay scored their first goal, Paraguay had to send all they had at the opponent's goal, and a break away put the second and then a third goal soon after put it out of reach !!

UPDATE: The Semi-Finals had (19th) Uruguay beating Peru 2-0 in an exciting match AND (20th) Paraguay beating Venezuela 1-0 (PKs) in a tough defensive match. The consolation match for 3rd and 4th place will be held on Saturday, and the grand final will be Sunday. I hope both Peru and Paraguay win because my heart is in Peru and Uruguay have already won their share of cups. More Soon !!

UPDATE: As of 7/17, the teams advancing are: Peru 2-0 vs Colombia; Uruguay 2-1 (PKs) vs Argentina; Paraguay 1-0 (PKs) vs Brazil; and Venezuela 2-1 vs Chile. The Semi-Finals will be contested July 19th and 20th. See more Videos, Photos, Statistics, and More at Copa America Argentina 2011.

UPDATE: On 7/12, Peru lost to Chile 0-1 in the closing minutes of an exciting game; they will advance to the next round as the Best 3rd. Uruguay pounded Mexico 1-0 to take second place in the group. I hope that Peru can play better.

  It was the second game of a first round and both teams needed a win to have hopes of moving on in the tournament. I am happy to inform you that Peru Dominated Mexico for most of the game, and it is rare for ANY one to dominate Mexico => any where or any time.

  Peru had many chances to score, even hitting the post twice, but Mexico held on tightly and waited for a break-away chance that never quite materialized.  Late in the second half (83rd minute I believe) Peru galloped into the area with heavy numbers and the Mexican defense was scrambling to clear the ball . . . GOL ~ GOL ~ GOL ~ GOL ~ GOL ~ GOL ~ GOL ~ GOOOOOOOOOL ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  This tournament offers huge 'Bragging Rights' to the winning country for the next four years. Peru is well-over-due to win the Cup; their only wins are from 1939 and 1975. The greatest champions of the Copa America are Argentina and Uruguay, both have 14 cups each; Brazil is the third with 8 titles, followed by Paraguay (2), Peru (2), Bolivia (1) and Colombia (1).

  As you can see from my Pics & Vids that Peru certainly deserved this win. Their next match is Wednesday against Chile . . . both at the top of Group A after two matches and are favored to advance (unless Mexico plays terrible for their third game and lets Uruguay back into the mix). Enjoy . . .

Viva Peru !!

"Amarillo y Poste"

"Anunciar y Poste"

What a Tremendous Pass . . .

Gol ~ Gol ~ Gol ~ Gol ~ Gol ~ Gol ~ GOOOOOOOOL ! ! !


Mi Casa? Estados Unidos . . . Mi Corazon? En Peru !!
(My Home is USA . . . My Heart is in Peru !!)

  Thanks to all three of my readers for your patience (while I get caught up with myself) before the "Mind of the Mad Mammal" appears here for your Entertainment & Edification. Always try to remember that experience is the best teacher . . . preferably someone else's (so read a book) !!


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