Monday, July 11, 2011

One Man's Gift of Kindness . . .

  BUUF was Blessed on July 10th, when “The Bread Man” stopped by for Second Sunday. A Man on a Mission with his Intentional Acts of Kindness. Chet Fery’s Bread Time Stories and More offers a wonderful blend of information, stories and conversation . . . AND a loaf of his home made bread.

Chet at the Sunday Serenades . . .

  I have known Chet for only a short time and heard many great tales about his free bread. Only after experiencing one of his presentations did I fathom the depth of his passion for giving. We were offered a small taste of the humble origins of his journey and how he uses bread to share a home-baked message of kindness. But it would be extremely shallow for anyone to think that it’s about Free Bread.

  Chet Fery uses the bread as a tool to connect with people of all ages. Once an audience is ‘opened’ by his personal story, people are lead down a path that connects them to their own family and community. This is when the magic happens . . .

  Chet encouraged us to share our stories and memories. As each person spoke of some family experience, and a bread-tale of their own, the rest of the group was reminded of their unique stories. It fed upon itself and our group became closer to each other as a result. Tears of joy flowed freely around the room, as the more touching stories were about long-gone loved ones and times long forgotten. All of this emotion brought to the surface by one kind man and our newly formed Bread Time Connection.

  Chet said that, “All people seek stories of kindness and I don’t know why. I’ve stopped trying to understand it.” He went on to say that stories connect us to each other and increase learning. Then he concluded the talk by reminding us that our choices and actions define who we are.

  As we were all given a loaf of his home-baked bread, Chet told us that he has been cutting a ‘Cross’ into the top of every loaf he has made for the last few months. These are Heart-Felt Prayers for Suzie, a dear friend in need of our love and support.

  Chet Fery is in his ‘happy place’ when he bakes bread . . . I think it’s because of all the sharing, healing and positive community spirit that rises from the effort. I am a HUGE FAN of the Bread Man an encourage everyone to visit his Web Site, hear his Message of Kindness & Giving, and share some bread with your loved ones REAL SOON ! !

Jean & Chet from an Open Jam !!

Yours In Rhythm,

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