Friday, July 1, 2011

End of the Beginning !?

  This is a beginning, of sorts . . . one of many (thousands, if not billions) possible places to start. Some fine examples could be: the beginning of time, place or things; a simple handshake between strangers; the start of a new millennium; yours or my birth; or any sunrise. I could also use the creation of the Universe or the dawn of life on Earth. We might even use my first drum jam, a cup of coffee, your alarm clock jolting you out of sleep tomorrow morning, people finding their Lost Chords, a first kiss, beginnings soon to be encountered, or even the start of my Madness => the angst from being Me, a Man, an American, a Human ?!!

     Mad ~ 1) mentally deranged; irresponsible; irrational. 2) of a dog, rabid.
3) disorderly; ill-advised. 4) infatuated; in love. 5) angry.

Mam-mal ~ any of a class (mammalian) of higher vertebrates comprising of man and all other animals that nourish their young with milk secreted by mammary glands and have the skin more or less covered with hair.

File ~ 1) a folder, case, or device for keeping papers or ideas in order.
2) a row of persons, esp. soldiers, one behind the other. 3) a metal
tool with a rigid surface for smoothing or cutting metal, wood, etc.

   With just over a half-century of years to my life here on earth, there have been a few notable beginnings worthy of sharing . . .

  It is important for me to note that My Blog begins during the mid-year holiday weekend when Americans celebrate their Independence. I met my wife-to-be in Lima's International Airport twenty-one years ago this July 4th weekend and we are still happily together. Also, thirty years ago this weekend I got my first tattoo in Liberty, New York. My favorite place to watch fireworks is in Matt's front yard. The rest of my July 4th memories are best left right where they are . . .

  I first knew I was CRAZY in 1974, while laying in a hospital for most of the summer. But I look at it this way, crazy is better than dull and boring, and if you 'know' you're crazy you can't be insane . . . so I'm cool with my mental state(s).

  I began a Life's Quest, while walking through the College at Brockport in the Spring of 1988, when I heard African Drumming coming from the South end of Hartwell Hall. Since then, I have realized one of my 'callings' in life . . . to share the Joy & Healing that comes from Group Drumming with as many people as humanly possible.

  This past March 23rd, I began what will soon become a Not-for-Profit Organization. This is in addition to the Drumming I've done since 1996. The first arm of this new organization will be used to get Drums into Rochester City Schools and beyond. City Schools in Western NY are in rough shape and it's up to the communities that surround them to step up and do their part. More soon . . .

  So, to end our little beginning, I want to say that humans have only ONE real responsibility in this life (beyond gathering and shitting food; the building, decoration, and maintenance of our shelters; procreation of the species; alleviating boredom; and, for some, a quest for knowledge) and that is to take care of each other without hurting the planet . . . Please ENJOY ! !

I like beginnings . . .

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