Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Listening With Shadow !!

Here are Two More Shows for You . . .

10/31/37 - The Three Ghosts:

  Well, after downloading the Free Real Player, I am now able to listen to the rest of the Shadow Shows on this disk. What a pain in the backside. As I listen to this show, nothing worth writing 'popped' into my gray matter. So, I guess when it's not so black and white, being in-the-gray matters . . . or your gray matter, matters. Does that sound gray to you ?!

11/28/37 – Circle of Death:

  This show is about a terrorist bomber that uses the press to get attention before and after each explosion. In a meeting of city officials and other concerned citizens it is stated that a mad maniac is terrorizing the community, and that police are insufficient at stopping any further attacks.

   As I listen to these old-time radio shows, I find that they are, in some ways, very similar to the problems we face today. The difference in this one seems to be that the bomber is not a suicide killer, but the damage is still the same. The fear and panic are the same; people are no longer able to live their lives as they did before the attacks. I feel that this is what the terrorists want, to spread fear and doubt throughout society and the physical effects of the attacks are secondary.

   This particular person has become a terrorist because he doesn’t like crowds. He doesn’t respect the rights of others to be in the same public places he wants to be. This causes me to believe, in my hopeful heart, that many people are extremely shallow. This terrorist is strongly against the very things (good and bad) that have caused society to grow and prosper.

   Through thousands of years of trial-and-error we, as a people, have come up with rules, methods, and mannerisms that allow us to co-exist. It is because of each other that we have grown into the modern society we all share. Through the needs of all people, as individuals and as groups, we have created the life we live. Everyone has a right to be here, and to have his or her opinion. Everyone has the right to experiment with the many different paths available in this life.

  As long as you don’t stand in someone’s Sun Light, or infringe on his or her rights, the path taken is yours to choose and experience. If we did not allow others to be different, our existence would slow down to a crawl. New developments in all facets of our live would stop. Learning, for the good of others, would stagnate. We 'need' each other far more than we are willing to admit sometimes. It is long over due that people wake up to the wonderful smell of the coffee.
"Who Knows the Evil that Lurks in the
Hearts of Men? . . . the Shadow Knows!"
More Sooner,

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