Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Bicycle Ride with a Camera !!

  Tuesday morning I went for a nice long, leisurely ride on my Hybrid Raleigh Bike . . . it seems as though I was taking photos as much as I was on the bike riding. When I saw things that I liked or that may interest you (my three readers) I felt compelled to stop for a few clicks. Please know that I am NOT a photographer or that I make any claims to knowing how to make pictures look good . . . We have a new Kodak Camera and we both enjoy using it !!

Along Redman Road . . .
Amber Waves ! !

 I Love the Old Cobblestone Houses . . .

East on West Ridge Road . . .

 On the North Side is West Clarkson Cemetery

More Cobblestone ! !

  After the second 'wettest' Spring of recorded weather history, the area farmers are finally getting caught up. It was a wonderful day for me . . . riding around and grabbing a few memories (of beautiful colors, sounds, and scents) to share with you !!

In Rhythm,

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