Monday, July 25, 2011

Listening With the Shadow . . .

   I tried this once before and lost the data in a brutal system crash. So, here we are again with “Listening With the Shadow”. I play these fantastic Old Time Radio Shows and write whatever pops into my head. It's great fun for me to make comparisons about today, or comment on our future, while listening to shows from before my time . . . Enjoy ! !

9/26/37 - Death House Rescue (Very 1st Show):

  The Shadow seems to look out for people that are used and abused by others. In this episode, two men have pinned their crime on an innocent man who is then sentenced to death. I am amazed that when criminals act they're usually doing so much damage to a victim that it often casts them into a situation worse than the criminal's.

  The people that are honest and work hard for the things they have gained should be honored and protected by our great society.  As I listen to these shows, I find that the common theme is that most people of criminal intent often work harder at getting other people’s things than they would if they found a job of their own. As the show concludes we hear the narrator state, “The weeds of crime bare bitter fruit … crime does not pay."

10/24/37 - The Temple Bells of Neban:

  The Temple Bells will reveal the identity of the Shadow. It is comical that the writers of this new show are claiming that this could be the end of his career as the Shadow. A dancer from India will perform, “The Dance of the Cobra.” She says that it is good to know a small prayer for when you meet someone who could destroy you. The suspense is as thick as fog.

  Is it really the EGO that is the cause for many of the problems we face as humans? Why do people stroll into a public place, and stomp their feet as they walk through? Walking as loudly as they can without recognizing that they are certainly not the only people around. Lately, I find that the more I use the method of saying in my mind, “I Wish You Happiness!” to calm myself when others bother me, the more I notice how rude and mindless other people seem to be. The more I work on my own peace and serenity, the more I see other people doing the opposite.

  I know that people are all on the same path together. That we are all 'spirit' that have been allowed to reside in a physical body until we can learn enough to return to our maker. But, and this is a huge but, why do so few people recognize this fact? Why are people so rude toward each other? Why does it bother me so much when people are rude ?! Am I being tested? Should I accept their rudeness or point it out to them? Should I be rude back and point out the truths of their way?

  Don’t answer . . . I know the correct way. *smiles*  It is not my job to inform them of their way. My job is to stop being judgmental and wish them happiness. They are not ready to know what they are doing, or they are just being negative without knowing it. In either case it's mindlessness that causes people to be so rude. Mindlessness is simply an ego without a path.

  The Shadow’s identity is not revealed, but it was certainly a close call . . . and the question now becomes, “Was this luck, skill or divine intervention that kept his secret intact?” More Soon . . .


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