Saturday, July 16, 2011

Afrikamba Curios in Spencerport ! !

Spencer's Landing from the North Bank

  A few days ago, I went on an extended bicycle ride (more than 12 miles) to Spencerport. In town, I came across a cute little shop (thanks to Chet Fery) called ‘Afrikamba Curios’. Carol and Harry Ewell came out to warmly welcome me to their store (I think I interrupted their lunch) and then give me a tour of their exotic and diverse collection of African artifacts.

 Looking South down Union Street from the Canal Bridge

  After sharing a travel story of my own, I think they knew that I wasn’t the typical window shopper, and I learned that this sweet couple has been to Africa more than three dozen times. As we looked through a couple of their photo albums they remembered some of their fond stories of the people they’ve bonded with. Carol said that, most travelers that go to Africa want to see the landscape and the animals . . . but only after a few days they always want to see more of the People ! !

Lots of Parking at Spencer's Landing

  We all agreed that most people from the areas of our world where life is a struggle are a blessing to experience. The open hearted kindness and willingness to share one’s meager provisions to strangers is hard for outsiders to comprehend. Each day that ends well is a reason to celebrate. But when travelers pass by, it’s a reason to show off the local cuisine, exchange cultures and most importantly to spend 'time' together.

  I wanted to stay longer and gather more of Harry and Carol’s keen insights about the African culture. But I had to go and finish my bike ride before my legs said, “No More!” I was glad that I took the time to visit their store, and it is certain that we'll get more chances to share stories.

My Newest Friends . . . Harry and Carol !!

  I will keep most of what we talked about to myself . . . but if you’re curious or ever in Spencerport . . . stop by and say hello. Afrikamba Curios is on the West side of Union Street, just South of the bridge, on the first floor of a small plaza called Spencer’s Landing. Ph #: (585) 349-2999.


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