Sunday, July 31, 2011

Didge Down Under at Cool Kids !!

  At the final Cool Kids’ in Sagawa Park for the 2011 season, we had a real treat. It was ‘Didgeridoo Down Under’ with Lindsey Dank. It was a fantastic way to end the year. I have to admit that I only folded two cranes because I had to be right near the stage to catch any trick or technique to play my own Didge.

  Mr. Dank shared wisdom and music from the Native Australians and combined an educational experience with loads of fun. It was easy to forget how much information Lindsey was sharing because his ‘top shelf’ level of skill with both his instruments and the material kept the audience glued to him for the whole hour.

  Participants played the role of a kangaroo on a journey around the outback seeking fresh water to drink. They encountered kookaburras and elephants but stayed clear of the dingo that were following. He showed us how easy it was to recycle materials into instruments (like his Didge made from old blue jeans). The lessons included how the Didgeridoos were made from termite-hollowed out eucalyptus tree branches, as well as respecting the environment and each other.

  The highlight was when Lindsey the ‘Didgeri-Dood’ broke out bags of instruments to share and even had Didgeridoos for ALL the Cool Kids. He taught everyone how to play the Didge, and how to play along with him as a group. It was one of my all-time favorite shows. If you’d like more information about the programs that are available, just visit the ‘Didgeridoo Revolution’ Web Site or follow them on FaceBook.

The 'Didgeri-Dood' Lindsey Dank !!

"Park Tour"

 "Sound Check Please"

Native Australians

"More Checking"

"Last Check"

 "Kangaroo Eyes"

 "Kookaburra Dance"


"Make a Didge"

"Let's Jam!" 

 "Didge Finale"

 "It's Didgeridoo"

All's In Rhythm,

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