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It's Still Shadow . . .

Twenty-One - 6/26/38 - Blind Beggar Dies:

  Man-O-Man… How I Love these Old-Time Radio Shows !! I enjoy them so much that I can’t promise I’ll be able to write anything worthy of my Three-Reader Audience and before it starts I want to apologize, in case it’s a No-Thought-Popper.

  It begins with a street singer named Singing Jim being hassled by a couple men who claim Jim didn’t pay for protection. They drag him into an ally, and pound him with a Blackjack a few times while reminding him that he owes one dollar a week or face worse. He’s found the next day barely alive and Lamont and Margo help Jim to the hospital. Jim is so afraid that he can’t even tell Lamont who beat him. He screams, “Leave me alone, I can’t pay,” and then dies in front of Lamont and Margo.

  At a secret rally of the local street vendors, they all argue about what to do. There’s one thing they can all agree on, that they can’t expect any help from the police. Then Mary, the Apple Lady, tells the group of a secret visitor she had the night before. One that those who can ‘see’ will not agree he even exists. Someone that said he would come to this meeting tonight and help them all… (Cue the Shadow’s laughter!) “Don’t be afraid, it’s the me, the Shadow, and I’ve come here to help you!”

  The Protection Racket is one of the most evil of all criminal enterprises… but, We-the-People get our great ‘strength’ from the numbers. Think how easy it is to break a single pencil. Then how easy/hard it might be with ten, or twenty pencils.

  Can you (my three loyal readers) think of any ‘modern’ examples of how or when people have come together (like in this episode) to become more powerful against an oppressor? If so, we could have a vibrant discussion in the comment section below… 

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Twenty-Two - 7/10/38 - The White God:

  G-O-O-D-R-I-C-H that spells ‘Moon’ . . . have you ever read Stephen King’s “The Stand”? Oh well, just listening to the old tire commercial, where the announcer actually spells the name *smiles* before the show starts and the mind’s already wandering . . .

  At a meeting, a group inquires about tracing a missing yacht, to clear up a mystery of the South Pacific. When the Shadow shows up (earliest in an episode yet) to offer assistance. The Shadow supposes that if he, continuously disguised as the Shadow, and his companion Miss Margo Lane, ride out on a Naval cruiser he will be able to prove his theory that the ships were actually built to disappear.

  Shadow thinks they should travel off the cruiser, by a sea plain, to an island that he’s heard about. Where there is a man known by the natives only as the ‘White God’. As they get near the island the plain lurches and flies erratically. It’s almost as if the plain is being drawn in… by a huge magnet. On the way in, Shadow noticed a circular hole in a volcano and says, “It must be man-made magnet that pulls ships to their destruction.”

  Case solved, good night . . . oh wait, it’s only been ten minutes. They’ve still got at least eighteen more minutes to fill. What was I thinking? Back to the show… Shadow and Margo found that just it’s a simple little trick with a hidden elevator that has the natives all believing he’s the White God.

  How many people in America today think that some of our leaders are god-like? That can do no wrong? Can pass laws and shove more crap we don’t need down our collective throats. Take vacations at our expense. Play golf and then make back door deals. Limousine rides to a free lunch every day. Then these legislators get away with saying, “Have a good weekend” to their buddies and it’s only Wednesday. Then after just one term, they get a full retirement package, medical benefits, and return home a millionaire.

  Without getting too politically in my statement, I believe that most politicians and the mainstream media have pulled one over on the American public. I have thought about this idea for quite some time now. Consider that the People are caught up in emotional problems that are the eleven through twenty worst problems we face economically. These are then switched with the ‘true’ top ten. This causes everyone to get all excited over the more emotional (and now perceived top ten) problems, while the REAL top ten have been moved down the chart.

  As you can imagine, the real economic problems we face are not thought about much anymore. We all argue over social emotions and point fingers at each other. When our real economic problems get kicked down the road like an old rusty can. Our country stays ‘divided’ over issues that really don’t have much of an affect on our day-to-day lives. I think we should be coming together to solve these problems when it can still be painless to do so, and long before the economy completely brakes… If that happens we will still have to fix everything, but it will be long, difficult, and miserable. All because we lose all of our choices, and the measures enacted will be painful and drastic . . . Well, now I just say, “Enough said!”

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