Saturday, August 3, 2013

Does Shadow Know ?!

Nineteen - 6/12/38 – Death from the Deep:

  “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” (Cue the evil laughter and the creepy organ music.)” Yea… More Shadow Episodes after a Goodrich tire commercial !! 

  Here I sit in our tremendous local library and watching the people interact. Some are reading newspapers, a boy is being tutored in math, laptops are glowing, the teen-center is quite active, others are chatting, and some are just people watching. 

  This episode starts out on board a boat with its engine faltering, when suddenly a submarine surfaces to blast them with a machine gun. Then we hear that recently eighteen ships from many different countries have all sunk. Any sailors that escaped their ship were found dead in their lifeboats along the shore. What could be the motive of these dastardly pirates? (Sounds like a Dudley Doright show.) Many sailors are now refusing to go out to sea and the economy is suffering from lowered shipping and tourism.

  Enter, the Shadow…

  Side Note: In the few weeks I’ve been a very regular visitor to our great little library… I can unequivocally (is that the right word?) say that I am so very grateful that I have a personal computer that’s mobile ! ! ! I have been watching those that use the Public Internet Computers that the library has set up. People are treating the computers and each other terrible here… coughing into their hands, popping pimples, picking noses, and a multitude of other gross bodily functions AND THEN placing their dirty or germ-covered hands all over the mouse(s) and keyboards !?!???? I can’t imagine why people would treat another person’s or the community’s property (and especially each other) with such laziness and mindless disrespect… Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!!

  Back to the Show, if I’m able, after watching the ‘Zit-Popper-Dude’ just grab a mouse with puss-covered hand…

  The plan was that after the one seaman clued-in the Shadow, he can locate the submarine and then contact Margo over the mind-to-radio frequency. Then Miss lane will contact the Coast Guard so they can zoom in and save the day. (Mr. Doright again!) “Contacting Margo Lane!… Contacting Margo Lane!... Do You Read Me Margo?”

  Well, not too much has popped into my head from listening to this episode that’s worthy of writing for my Three Readers… except all that about the Pimple Popping Madman… so I will leave just it here !?

  Until next time Shadow Seekers… when we meet again (cue an evil Shadow laughing). 

-   -   -   -   - 

Twenty - 6/19/38 – The Fire Bug:

    I’m up late night, and the rent for my second office (Tim Horton’s) is just a cup of coffee and maybe a doughnut… but tonight there are four jerks sitting here playing cards who are so loud I can barely hear this show with headphones on ??! Oh well, just another example of how people are lost in there own little world and oblivious to others around them.

  I often question people when I hear them complaining about others. I’ll ask, “Do you see all these things around you? The buildings, streets, cars, and lights, etc?” They usually say that they do, and I follow up with the statement, “Well, my friend, if it was just you living here, none of these things would exist…” If they don’t get my sarcasm, I explain further that because we live in a free society with others, maybe it would be best to accept some things that upset us or that we don’t agree with. So… I guess I will just have to ignore these card-players as best I can, and follow my own message. Also to try and not take it personal . . .

  This episode begins with another brutal fire burning at Fourth and Chestnut Streets. It’s the same story as the previous six fires… and now people are clamoring for the City Commissioner and Fire Chief’s jobs. Arsonists are some of the hardest criminals to catch as the evidence is usually burnt, and motives are extremely varied. Fires kill people, destroy property, and put first responders at risk.

  When the Shadow shows up at a secret meeting, he finds out that it’s an Insurance Broker responsible for all this death and destruction. This is an interesting show, but not much is popping into my mind… and being in the gray… matters !! (This is your brain, this is your brain on Internet... be careful of the Internet!)

  Until Next Time, try and remember that, “The weed of crime bares bitter fruit, crime does not pay… the Shadow knows (cue the evil laughter).”

Ever Your Humble Servant, and
In Rhythm, 

PS: I seem to be posting a large number of Shadow Notes, and even some Book Reviews, compared to the 'normal' commentary of a Mad Mammal... it's not because I don't have anything to say . . . but the timing of issues has to be right to write. I sincerely hope that my Three Readers will understand and continue with their much appreciated support ! ! ! 



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