Monday, May 28, 2012

Highjacked Wall Street !!

An opinion piece not meant to
express a political viewpoint

  I think that Occupy Wall Street has been 'Highjacked' by a group of people that are acting in ways that are directly against the original intent of the movement. This once peaceful and well thought out plan to occupy Liberty Square in New York City, seeking only to have their heart-felt voices heard loud and clear, is certainly long gone. It has been taken over by a heavily backed machine that seeks anarchy and destruction. 

  Some well adjusted members (and some not) of my community often gathered at a local coffee shop to discuss the Occupy Movement when it first began hitting the media in waves. We all enjoyed looking through their new web site and debating the grievances of the cause. What fun we had creating a list supplies we could send down to help the occupiers. The savvy Occupy Founders had established a UPS address at the park to receive donations.

  Then something happened... the movement grew to just over two thousand people who ALL wanted their individual voices to be included. Then a posting appeared on their web site of a Formal Declaration of Intentions. We noticed that the original intent of this unified assembly of protesters was starting to be weakened from a lack of focus, and the founding members showed a clear lack of leadership by allowing an all-inclusive, watered down version to be published.

  If you read that formal declaration, you may notice that the focus seems to be about a 'mass social injustice' where the blame is directed at large corporations. Their opening states that the group must not lose focus as to why the movement began, while they seem to be losing focus. Then on to a claim that all people who 'feel' wronged can now know they are no longer alone... and that people must now unite to acknowledge that the future of the human race depends on cooperation. That our system must protect rights. When it does not, the individual must become the protector. This is a wonderful example of the original intent.

  But then they start to lose me, and probably many readers, with an attack on corporations. The wording here becomes flat and puts all large businesses into one group (I can live with this shortsightedness). They go on to state that they want to peaceably assemble to list a specific set of grievances that are called 'facts' . . . *smiles*.

  I completely agree with the First Five Points in their list of facts/grievances. They deal with mass foreclosures, bailouts/bonuses, inequity/discrimination in the workplace, a poisoned food supply, and the cruel treatment of product-testing animals. Now I ask you, my three readers, "Who among you can NOT get-on-board with these first five?" I think that there are very few people, who live and dream in a free world, that could possibly be against these fine points.

  It's with the rest of the twenty three points where they lose me. I can understand the emotion and the sentiment, but some of the remaining points are just plain goofy. It is clear to me (opinion) that the desire to include many voices in their declaration led to a wish-washy version of the original intent. Let's be honest, not all corporations are bad, just the vulture/vampire ones. 

  But it's a simple FACT, that Occupy Wall Street, a once beautiful expression of a free people living in a democratic republic, has been highjacked by a group of terrorists with a completely different agenda . . . and I, for one, do not like where they are headed this summer.

  Note: This commentary is not to be taken, in any shape or form, to be Pro or Con for the Occupy, Tea, or Bowel Movements ! ! !

Yours, In Memorial Day Madness,



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