Friday, September 28, 2012

February 2013 UPDATE . . .

As of Feb 2013, I've Been Remodeling
My Drumming Web Site and Will Be 
Back to 'Posting' Here Soon ! !

Please Visit this Web Site:

=>  Jeff Mann Drums  <=

Ever Yours, In Rhythm,


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  1. It's been NINE Months since I've regularly posted here . . . and I deeply apologize to my three readers for the long lapse !! I may not have a very good reason for it, but my excuse is that late Fall of 2012, I fell into a malaise which led to another short bought of Depression.

    Then a Complete Drum-Site Remodel took most of my energy and time... and it's almost finished Yea !! When this July hit, I recalled that it's a month for many sweet beginnings in my life... I'm back... Your Humble Servant, Jahmahn