Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Shadow . . .

Twelve - 2/27/38 - The Plot Murder:

  As this Shadow episode was set to go on the air, they received a telegram from the American Police Review presenting the Shadow with a Special Award.

  This episode starts out at the conclusion of a Court Marshal hearing, where Lieutenant John Wilson is accused of Treasonable Sabotage Against the Government. Wilson is charged to have willfully destroyed a secret device known as the ‘Flying Torpedo’. At sentencing Wilson is confused and doesn’t understand what’s going on too well. As the sentence is read, a loud scuffle between Wilson and the inventor of the device breaks out.

  As Lamont and Margo discuss the case later that day, they come to the conclusion that the Shadow should get involved. The Shadow goes to visit Lt. Wilson in the city jail, and overhears the inventor hypnotizing the accused into believing he actually committed the crime. It turns out that this is all an evil plot by a group of terrorists to throw a country into a state of confusion and fear. Doesn’t that sound familiar… ever since the 911 attacks ?!

  In the Blue Coal commercial, the host mentions the harsh winter weather that families living in Watertown, NY are facing this season.

  How many times since 9/11/01 have we heard of the sinister plots or evil attacks by terrorists? Why do these evil terror-seeking people always seem to take out their anger on innocent people? I wish we could know what it was that these simple-minded evildoers wanted. It is a fact that they want something, or they wouldn’t be using terror to coerce people. They can’t just want us (the infidel) to convert to their religion, or the movements of terror that developed in other parts of the world would not have existed (eg: the Shinning Path in Peru and the Red Brigade in Italy). If we did know what they wanted, could we ever solve these problems? In an ideal world the answer is a definite yes.

  I have great hope for the One Tribe of Humans, but when I take a closer look at people I have trouble with my belief that one day we’ll live in paradise, and that all people will share in abundance. More Soon . . .


Thirteen - 3/6/38 - The Bride of Death:

  There’s an omen of death hanging over the matrimony of Isabel, the daughter of Reverend Colby and his good family, in a small fishing village. A profit, and leader of a cult, has declared that the Rev Colby was going to die while preaching in church.

  Isabel is now trapped in the house on the cliff, and where what the people of the village suspect are devil worshipers. Rev Colby and ten other villagers perished when the church roof collapsed in a suspicious explosion just three days later. It’s time for the Shadow to investigate these strange deaths.

  The Shadow and the Profit of the Ancient Ones have a confrontation. Who is the more powerful man? But we must pause for the Blue Coal commercial.

  Isabel it to be sacrificed to a deity the cult worships. But Lamont has Margo disguise herself as the Profit to enter the worship hall for the ritual to the Ancient One. It’s a brilliant plan to catch the cult leaders in the evil ways.

  Many times while listening, I don’t have thoughts worthy enough or interesting enough to write about. So, until next week, same time and same channel . . .

"As you sow evil… so shall you reap evil.
Crime does not pay… the Shadow Knows !!"



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