Monday, April 23, 2012

State of Mind !?

  My three readers may appreciate that yesterday was Earth Day 2012 . . .
a possible return to my daily Mad Postings on this, my one-and-only Blog !?
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Some Recent Thoughts:

deep  \’dēp\ adj 1: extending far from some surface or area  a:  extending far downward  b: extending well inward from an outer surface  e:  occurring or located near the outer limits of the playing area <hit to ~ right field>  3 a: difficult to penetrate or comprehend  b: mysterious obscure <a ~ dark secret>  c: grave in nature or effect  5  b:  remote in time and space  c: being below the level of the conscious <~ neuroses>

press  \'pres\  n  1 a: a crowd or crowded condition  b: a thronging or crowding together  4 a: an action of pressing or pushing  b: an aggressive pressuring defense employed  9: a lift in weight  vb 1: to act upon through steady pushing force  2 a: assail, harass  b: afflict, oppress  3 a: to squeeze out the juice or contents of  4 a: to exert influence on : constrain  b: to try hard to persuade : beseech, entreat  5: to move by means of pressure  6 a: to lay stress or emphasis on  b: to insist on or request urgently 

shun  \'shәn\  vt shunned; shunning : to avoid deliberately and esp. habitually  syn see escape 

de-pres-sion  \di-'presh-әn\  n  2: an act of depressing or a state of being depressed: as  a: a pressing down : lowering  b (1): a state of feeling sad : dejection (2) a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder marked by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, and feelings of dejection  c (1): a reduction in activity, amount, quality, or force  (2): a lowering of vitality or functional activity  3: a depressed place or part : hollow 

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  If you know someone who is battling DEPRESSION . . . give them a break, give them a call, or better yet, give them a hug !! Don't ask stupid questions or offer fake sympathy, be there for support. Offer this person your ear and listen to them without judgement and comment, or maybe just sit there with them in complete silence.

  Example of Depressed Thinking: I am very thirsty. I know that if I get a drink of water I will feel much better. As I stand here, in the kitchen looking at the sink, knowing that I should just reach into the cupboard. A glass to hold the water I seek is only two feet away and completely within my grasp. Yet, motionless I stand here with tears in my eyes wondering why I feel so sad. 

  This is not something to take lightly. Every case is as different as the people who are in it's tortuous grasp. What is certain, is that a strong support team made up of family, doctors, friends, and a therapist are just the beginning to regaining wellness. Then a healthy change in diet, adding mild daily exercise, and, for most, to revisit ones faith are next. The healing process is usually slow and trying, and their can be many difficult relapses. The best tool is recognizing symptoms early and getting more help. 

  Although there is hope and a certainty of a full recovery, a person will be forever changed from the experience. I know this all to be true; as I have been slowly, but surely, winning a FOUR YEAR BATTLE with this sinister character, the purveyor sadness and inactivity. 

"The cave you fear to enter... 
holds the treasure that you seek." 
~ Joseph Campbell

  Thanks 4 Your Patience... and More Posts are Coming Soon . . .

Yours, In Rhythm,

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