Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Book: "The Centurion Principles" by Colonel Jeff O'Leary (RET) ! !

  This is a Power-Packed Book from 2004, of just over two hundred pages, and has the sub-title, “Battlefield Lessons for Frontline Leaders”. I absolutely enjoyed this book even though it was not an easy read. The author chose the lives of eleven great leaders from history to show, “That while situations and applications change, the core principles of Centurion Leadership do not”.

  Our country thirsts for a new kind of leader. A yearning for integrity from those at the pinnacle of government, the clergy, in business, and in the military. As a nation we all realize that we are losing (or have lost) our way. We now require leadership that will guide us by what is right and not the popular, honorable rather than legal, self-sacrificing over self-serving . . . strong, virtuous leaders that we will not be ashamed of. It is good to remember that our freedom is a gift and it is a responsibility to defend.

  Col. O’Leary is alarmed from America’s growing tide of immoral and bankrupt leaders. He uses the Roman Centurion as an exemplary model of the strong, honorable, and courageous leader that could turn our country and culture around. The timeless principles that made Centurions effective were proven under fire throughout history, and work as well today as they did long ago.

=> Today, people are ready for the great new leaders,
like those in history recognized for going beyond
the call-of-duty and who still inspire us ! !

  As leadership gurus Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward (see book review, “Launching a Leadership Revolution”) have often said, “We will all be called to leadership at some point in our lives as a parent, a mentor, in business, our churches, and in our communities”. Which certainly means that we should all learn from great leaders throughout our history and apply their keen insights to our own lives.

“Whenever you are to do a thing, though it can never be
known to yourself, ask yourself how you would act were
the whole world looking at you, and act accordingly.” 
~ Thomas Jefferson 1785

  Some of the principles this author discusses are a moral accountability, commitment, learning from failures, honor, the pure heart, and persistence. A few of the greats in our history he writes about are Joan of Arc, Andrew Jackson, and George Washington. While reading, I found that I have become inspired to make small adjustments that will help me be more focused in my personal life and in my business.

  In this book, I learned that leadership is a dynamic ‘living’ concept with core principles that remain constant, even while the circumstances change with every tick of the clock. It requires a deep sense of honor to serve mankind. When you are called to serve, as we all are, then I would highly recommend for you to be well prepared by reading this book. Then the choice will be whether you’ll lead like a Centurion or not. 

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