Friday, July 12, 2013

Ever More With The Shadow !!

Fifteen - 3/20/38 - The White Legion:

  It’s strange to me how the Blue Coal commercials at the beginning of the show use fear of sickness and disease, and therefore death, as the best reason the buy their product. With the strong advise to call your neighborhood Blue Coal dealer tomorrow for a trial ton.

  This show starts out with members the White Legion barging into a man’s office and demanding that they can do whatever they want to get what they need. Then skips to a secret meeting where the members are accusing someone of violating the code of their group.

  I wonder how long there have been secret societies and groups? Probably as long as we have been creating villages in our ancient past. Men’s clubs, women’s groups, the Skulls, Freemasons, Order of the Buffalo… then we also have no-so-secret groups like Elks, American Legion, church groups, Scouts, the Indian Guides, Moose, Kiwanis, Rotary, and others. There are groups based on a specific activity or function, age, gender, interests, those for selfish interests, some for service to society, and then there are those devoted to evil.

  What is this basic need we have to gather into like-minded groups? There are very few of us that are not in one or more groups, the true loner. And now, more than ever, with our insatiable love with the World Wide Web, how people are connecting via the Internet instead of actually gathering in person. Is this electronic activity fulfilling our need to congregate? Is this often false reality we’re experiencing causing more stress and anxiety than we can imagine?

  Now the show is offering up the varied possibilities of what would happen if the media, specifically the newspapers, got involved to use their immense power to influence society. It makes me wonder how far today’s media will go trying to sculpt society into desired shapes. Do they sell that influence to the highest bidder, or are they so bent on specific political, religious, or social ideals that they offer it only to the groups that have messages that agree with the plans. I think we all know those answers, and it saddens me . . .

  I also wonder about the many groups that gather for selfish reasons rather that to seek ways for all mankind to thrive in abundance. But that’s a topic for a future post.

“As you sow evil, so shall you reap evil.

Crime does not pay... the Shadow Knows !!”

Yours, In Rhythm,


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