Monday, July 8, 2013

Prayers for Egypt !!

  I will not use this forum as a political tool, or write words that are intended to espouse a sentiment that could be considered to be 'pro' ANY side !! I do have beliefs and opinions, but I don't want to speak/write in ways that will cause more conflict. This happy little world, from a wisp-of-a-tail in our Milky Way, is full of conflict already... every where you look, people are struggling with oppression and anger and in all corners of life and living. 

  My heart goes out to the People of Egypt ! ! Not for any cause or message or belief . . . I am sensitive to the 'struggle' they are involved in. When this many people leave the comfort of their homes to protest for any reason, the rest of the world should take notice, and at a minimum, help them with our prayers for safety, happiness, and a quick resolution to the conflict. 

  I don't claim to know what's going on in Egypt... or why the people are out in the streets. This Blogger has never claimed to be the sharpest tack-in-the-box intellectually, but I AM deeply troubled by what I see on the news reports. At this time, I don't know or care 'who' is right or wrong. All I ask is that you will please join me in prayer for our dear brothers and sisters of Egypt... so that they may soon be at peace emotionally and physically. 

Yours, In Rhythm,


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