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More Shadow Notes ! !

Seventeen - 5/21/38 – Murder on Approval:

  The announcer starts with, “Ladies and Gentlemen, to stay at the top and meet the competition of the underworld’s keenest minds, the Shadow still has to be better than any of them. And it’s the same way with tires…” I often complain about these old time commercials but, when you hear them, well, it also give me a thrill to imagine people all sitting in there living rooms or kitchens together while listening all across the country. What was the mindset then? Do they want these golden new tires or do they need the car first?

  Oh, here we go… this one starts out with a military guy (a general I think) asking a professor if the viral agent that he produced can really infect large numbers of people as claimed, “To cause more deaths in an army than all the guns in the world?” Most ingenious inventions begin with the best intent (yea right!). But somewhere along the line a greed factor gets added to the pot, and once mixed in… (cue the heavy organ music) someone will be used as a guinea pig to prove the effectiveness and then a value can be exploited from those seeking power !!

  I love how the writers find new and fresh ways to place Lamont and Margo at a function that will eventually tie in to the plot. Tonight, they are at a diner party at a military installation. It just so happens to be the same one where the test was to be held to prove to validity of the chemical agent (cuing more organ chords dah dah dah!).

  Lamont wonders aloud, “Maybe it’s some new form of oriental plague?” But it seems to be, at the moment, to be similar to the book by Max Brooks, “World War Z”. The one I haven’t read yet, but is actually ‘in transit’ to the library I find myself sitting. I did watch the movie one week ago. I bought a ‘toasted’ Spicy Italian from Subway and had them place each half in separate bags so they would fit into my pants pockets easier. It was a great pleasure to sit in the theater (only three other people) and munching down a warm sandwich instead of paying for popcorn. I took a super large slice of pepperoni pizza under my shirt to the latest Star Trek film. But I had to wait until movie got very loud because the bag holding the slice was noisy. If you take in a can of soda, I would recommend faking a sneeze when you popped the top.

  I am jolted back from my thought-tangent by the producers of the Shadow show. They’re asking the audience to imagine themselves out driving at night when it’s raining. All of a sudden you must quickly use your breaks and the Shadow then asks, “Will your tires slip or grip?” Wow! They really like cuing up the heavy organ tunes don’t they. Just as my mind was starting to wander down a path about how people are doing horrible things to others in order to gain power or acquire wealth. Well, maybe it’s a ‘Martha Stewart’ (A Good Thing) that I didn’t go too far down that thought path… thinking about how sick some people are causes me a kind of distress similar to drinking too much coffee. When I have a chance to converse or debate the issues with others I enjoy the challenge. But when I am alone in a public or private place I would rather not.

  When people consider using chemical agents for warfare or evil reasons it makes me wonder why we have survived as a race this long . . .

  Here's a Great Subject to Start a Debate: Watch the film, or read the book, “Half the Sky” Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. 

  You can find information about it on the web site of PBS. Be prepared for a long session of tears / laughter, as you watch examples of brutal oppression by people against their own. These are balanced by the many ways that women around our world are overcoming this fear-based oppression and rising up. (I Have tears in my eyes as I write this…) I’ve just decided to create a Post for the three readers of my Blog about this powerful documentary. 

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Eighteen - 6/05/38 – Hypnotized Audience:

  “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men (cue evil laughing) the Shadow knows!”

  “The Shadow, Lamont Cranston, a man of wealth, a student of science, and a master of other people’s minds, devotes his life to righting wrongs, protecting the innocent, and punishing the guilty. Using advanced methods that may ultimately become available to law enforcement agencies, Cranston is known to the Underworld as The Shadow. Never seen, only heard… as haunting to superstitious minds as a ghost, as inevitable as a guilty conscious. The Shadow’s true identity is known only to his constant friend and aid, Margo Lane.”

  This episode begins with us hearing series secretive sounding foreign accents that are speaking of a plot to hypnotize a group of people in order to get a comrade and brother, a brutal convicted murderer, free from the prison that holds him. Ye again, Lamont and Margo are at the same performance that the Governor is, and exactly in the same place these evildoers are plotting (more organ music). Lamont suddenly realizes that the whole audience is being hypnotized and he is the only one immune to these mind controls. “Everyone! Listen to me… the Governor has been kidnapped!”

  I wonder… what level and/or to what degree individuals or groups (public, private, or secret) would go to hypnotize others? By hypnotize, I mean ‘any’ form of control. Whether it’s mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. We have recently heard of the IRS and other US Government agencies spying on people… for what purpose and to what end ?! We’ve nothing to fear but fear? Really?

  Guess my three readers and I will now be ‘targets’ just for mentioning this… all across our country now we could really use a visit from The Shadow to protect the innocent . . . All because ‘Crime Does Not Pay’ (unless you work for Big Brother). 
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