Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book: "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra

A Practical Guide To the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

  This is, in my humble opinion, one of Chopra's premier books on personal growth and achievement. It was published in 1994, long before the success of that best-selling book about the Law of Attraction. Many writers have attempted to edify readers with secrets on how the ‘laws’ that govern the energies of the universe (cause & effect, relativity, vibration, rhythm, and polarity) can be used to gain personal success and happiness. But this book put it into a Spiritual Context that most people can easily relate to.

  Deepak Chopra's, "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" has specific spiritual context that shatters the commonly held belief that if one person gains another must lose, and goes way beyond just living in harmony with natural laws. We can now learn to foster a ‘Wealth Consciousness’ that is conducive for abundance, in all of its forms, to flow toward us. This tremendous little book contains a powerful message of hope, and an easy way for anyone to get involved with its vision.

  You don’t have to sit back on the sidelines of the game-of-life and watch it all continue getting worse. Those seeking truth, success and happiness for ALL people must begin to 'see' our selves, and each other, as spiritual beings of love. The world’s problems will never be fixed by physical means like war, violent striking, monetary policy, and executive orders. So, until there is enough people seeking spiritual solutions (a critical mass to tip the scales), things will not change and our anxiety will only grow.

 A quote from this great book:

  “The coming civilization of the New Humanity will recognize, and then
emphasize, that all people are already united by the fact that they are
all equally the expression of one life. No one action can be really fruitful
unless it is in complete harmony with this truth. The future of humanity
is in the hands of those who see this vision.”   ~  Meher Baba

  Am I recommending this book? Yes, of course . . . I wouldn’t have posted unless I thought it would make a difference !!! My one follower and three readers can look forward (I would hope) to similar posts about the books that have touched me, or you can jump ahead and read them for yourself. Some of them are on the Ferris-Wheel-of-Books spinning on the right, between my Blog Archive and the Blog List.

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