Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Even More With the Shadow !!

  I play these Old Time ‘Shadow” Shows and write whatever pops into my head. It's great fun for me to comment on shows that were long before my time . . . Enjoy ! !

"Who Knows the Evil that Lurks in the

 Hearts of men? . . . the Shadow Knows!"

1/23/38 – Society of the Living Dead:

  This episode is about a news correspondent that was mixed up in a fake passport / identification ring and was thought to have committed suicide. The daughter of this victim is set to marry a man who may have been in cahoots with the group that swindled her father. Only the Shadow Knows . . .

  Wow . . . Rochester Families are mentioned twice during the Blue Coal commercial at the half way mark of the show !!

    The Shadow sneaked into a meeting where the forgers are discussing how to plant evidence on someone to take the ‘heat’ of them. After following them to a graveyard the Shadow hears that it’s a man in the employ of the victim who was sharing secrets with fake ID ring. The lure of quick money is the motive for his crime, but the threat of exposure by the Shadow causes him to squeal like a stuck pig.

  The ringleader springs a trap on the victim, squealer and the Shadow . . . they are caught inside in a tomb filling with water. The suspense is made more intense with the eerie music and the sound of the rising water . . . will the police reach them in time?

Not much ‘popped’ this time . . . but it was a great show !!

1/30/38 – Poison Death:

  People all over the city are dieing from a poison that the health department can’t identify. Someone is sending letters to police commissioner demanding one half of a million dollars or the whole city will be wiped out . . . and they are signing the letters, “The Shadow”. Will they solve this mystery in time? Only the Shadow Knows . . .

  It seems that a twisted, angry man who was passed over for a promotion is responsible for all the deaths. The sanity of a brilliant mind is not measured by ordinary standards. Has the Shadow finally met his match?

  This character reminds me of someone gone ‘postal’ at work. One who in his or her attempt to compete in the business world will hurt others when they lose or miss their mark. Is the ego of some so fragile that they’ll kill others for a small reason like a job promotion?

  When we hear in the news about someone who has committed a crime that goes beyond the realm of reason. We sit and wonder how could anyone be so cruel and heartless? Has this person lost their self-control? Do they know that their actions are unacceptable? Is this a temporary event or have they completely lost the ability to function in society? Do they realize that society will judge them as unfit for personal freedom?

  I wonder if these questions will ever be fully answered. In America today it is really not too hard to stay out of prison. It seems that the fine line between behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not has been rubbed and stretched to a point that we no longer know what is acceptable anymore.

  I have run out of thoughts on this for now . . . but am sure it with surface again soon. Always remember that, “The weed of crime bares bitter fruit, crime does not pay . . . The Shadow Knows !!”

Madly Yours,

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