Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Love Brockport "Diggin It" . . .

  Last night I went downtown for an ice cream and a stroll around the Village we all love. On Main Street I witnessed a finely-tuned, orchestrated dance of man and machinery. I was captivated by the artistry of the one man as he scraped, pounded, scooped and dumped the old broken pieces of the road into a constantly moving line of dump trucks (and the reason why I sat in front of "The Red Bird Tea Shoppe" for over an hour). There were quite a few people out watching the street being tore up and all lit up. Here's a little of what I saw . . . Enjoy ! !

Le Tour De Brockport

"Tour Intro"

Bright Eyes

"Down On Main"

Felt In Your Feet

"Water Street Fun"

The Artist . . .

"Scrape Art"

"Dig Art"

 Below Seen Level . . .
"Water Main"

Finest ... On the Scene

 At the Main Market !!
 Dance of the Dumpers

Gallery of Peanut
(Mine was a 'Kiddy' Pistachio)

Symphonic  Noise

The Artistic Shot

More Soon,


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