Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still More . . . With the Shadow ! !

  I play these fantastic Old Time Radio Shows and write whatever pops into my head. It's great fun for me to make comparisons about today, or comment on our future, while listening to shows from before my time . . . Enjoy ! !

1/16/38 – Sabotage:

  Explosion and Fire in the Shipyard . . . foul play is expected !! You have to try and understand the mentality of the country in the mid-1930s. World War 1 ended nearly twenty years earlier and the build-up to the next World War was growing. The Shadow Radio Shows were just what Americans needed for entertainment and comfort. They wanted a Hero and Protector . . . someone that looked out for the vulnerable and the oppressed. The Shadow fulfilled those needs and desires for thirty short minutes each week.

  During times of war, or terrorism, people’s emotions are easily preyed upon which can result in mass hysteria and paranoia. Do you remember how quickly the many conspiracy stories spread right after Nine-Eleven? There was everything from tales that the planes were remote controlled by ‘pods’ seen under the wings, to the towers being intentionally brought down by our own government, or that the Pentagon was attacked by missiles and not a plane crash.

  First it was the Russians that did it, and then maybe it was the Chinese. When we finally found out that nineteen Saudi Arabian men were responsible, we chose to chase Al Qaeda around the globe. Talks of internment camps opening again in America began spreading and the Internet was ablaze with heated words. Do you remember how absolutely freaking crazy those first few weeks were?

  I would like to remind you all how it felt only ONE Day after those attacks, before we knew why or who did it, and all the theories spread. It was on Nine Twelve, just ONE Day after the tragedy; when Three Airplanes were hijacked, Two Towers fell, and One Nation rose up from the smoldering ashes like a Phoenix being reborn !! We were one nation, one people, and one heart . . . Nothing else mattered  . . . How could we ever forget?

  Forget not the tragedy, but remember more how it felt to be Free of the Petty Little Differences that we held against each other, our neighbors, or in the workplace. It made the fighting between political parties seem worthless … rivalries between the West coast and East coast … my dog’s better than your dog … who pays taxes … and the borders between the states, cities, counties, towns and villages now insignificant . . . WE WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we had real compassion for one another. How could we ever go back to our old ways ?!

  You all know that we are not only back to the old ways, back to the trivial little games being played, but it seems like we are now totally split right down the middle. We’ve been divided and the conquering will soon follow. Things that are important don’t get discussed and then worked out; we’re spending all our time arguing over the less important but highly emotional issues. (The perfect example is the current Debt Ceiling Debate . . . while the Country spends itself into oblivion!) What are we doing to ourselves?

  Maybe we can get back to, or at least start to use, the Golden Rule (that every culture, society and religion that ever was had some form of) and really love your neighbor as if they were yourself ??! Any suggestions as to how we all might get back to that Nine Twelve Mentality and Heart . . . without facing another horrible tragedy ?!!

  Enough said . . . for now ! !

Love & Light,

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