Monday, August 1, 2011

One Month & More Shadow . . .

  Well . . . it's been a Great First Month of Blog Madness, and I want to graciously thank my three readers and the one follower for hangin-in-there while we sort out the bugs. "There's a Cure for That!" I'm quite certain that my 'Cure' will be explained very soon.

  This has all been a long time coming . . . and I can now guarantee you a fun ride. The older crowd will understand, "It's Gonna Be an E-Ticket Ride!" Stay tuned-in, or 'follow' me (hint~hint), as I've got a few interesting paths to take you down . . .

More Shadow:

12/12/37 – The Death Triangle:

  While sitting in Ye Old Java Junction, I paused this Shadow show to listen to the Thursday night open-mic entertainment. There was one young local girl who absolutely blew everyone away with her powerful voice . . . it was a real tears-of-joy moment. I think this was the first time people actually sat quietly and listened to the music !?

NOTE:  Java no longer has Open Mic Nights ;-/

-   -   -   -   -

   It is nice to hear that Margo Lane was so ‘concerned’ about Lamont’s welfare. She did everything possible to find out why he was not around for a day. When Margo does find him she is relieved, but uncertain about his actions. Usually the Shadow is very forthcoming with Margo. Does that mean Lamont Cranston is really the Shadow?  Oh, I’ll never tell . . .

   Is there really ever any ‘honor’ among thieves? Although they may have their code it seems to me that, if given the chance, any one in a group of thieves will squeal their way to freedom when the heat gets too close. They often work very hard at crime, knowing their lives will be worth 'nada' if they squeal, and freedom is the one commodity that can’t be bartered.

  The Shadow plays the team against itself, and in their zeal to remain free ends up spilling-the-beans about each other. Three men, together in crime, spent more time worrying about each other than to ever wonder how (or why) the Shadow was putting the pieces together that solved their crimes.

1/09/38 - League of Terror:

  “Hm hm hm hm hm hm . . . the Shadow knows! Hm hm hm hm ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

  You just gotta love those 1930s radio commercials that were ‘priming’ Americans for their consuming binge of the next seventy-plus years.

- -  ->

  A storekeeper, testifying in court about counterfeiters, commits perjury to protect his family from threats he has received from the criminals that are on trial. His motive was to protect his family, but he’s sentenced to one year in jail because his testimony changed since the initial deposition. Sounds like a perfect type of victim for the Shadow to protect, the poor who cannot defend themselves from the cruel people of the world.

  “You know what happens to people who know too much?” That’s a perfect way for the Shadow to get to the Big Boss. Let's pretend that the jailed storekeeper’s daughter knows too much about the counterfeiters and they’ll take her to the Boss while the Shadow follows. The Shadow will prove once again that Crime Does Not Pay !!

  During this episode not much ‘popped’ into my head worth writing about . . . some shows are like that !? They are entertaining but don’t relate well to the current issues of the day.

More Sooner,

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