Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dady Brothers in Brockport ! !

  We were blessed on Wednesday evening as 'The Dady Brothers’ came to town to play at the Recreation Center. I met John and Joe Dady back in the early 80s and they were well known all those years ago. Now, after thirty-six years of playing together and over six thousand performances these two artists put on a show that’s pointed directly at the audience.

  It’s a wonderful mix of Irish Folk tunes, Blue Grass, and recognizable favorites. You might think, with so many years and shows, that it may get a bit repetitious or stale for the Dady’s. But each show is tailored specifically for the audience of the day, and last night they made it perfectly clear that it’s the people who come to listen that make this all work and lots of fun ! !

  The casual conversation John and Joe had with each other and the audience made us all feel warm and welcome. The songs they picked easily fit the venue and they sang as if they were in your living room jamming just for you. It was impressive how they remembered people from previous shows by name and mentioned their dancing friends ‘The Band of Brothers’.

  One of the highlights was when they called out a newlywed couple for a dance in front. Then they found the one couple in the room married the longest (67yrs for a powerful contrast) and wished them all many more happy years together. That kind of ‘connection’ to the audience cannot be learned or manufactured just for a show. It is obvious to me why the Dady Brothers have been successful for so many years. They absolutely love giving all they have and it comes from the heart.

  After all that, you’ll probably notice that they are fantastic artists who sing with great style and the harmonies are top shelf. Watching them playing with so many different instruments is almost as much fun as listening to their tunes.

  Plus, if that weren’t enough, they just got back a few weeks ago from their 21st Annual Musical and Cultural Tour of Ireland. You can join them next year for this once-in-a-lifetime experience (June 5th to the 15th, 2012), “From Shannon to Dublin with the Dady Brothers Ireland Tour”.

  If you’re not already a fan of the Dady Brothers, you should be ! ! ! Don’t take my word for it . . . go watch and listen to them play for yourself. The schedule is on their Web Site where you can also buy one of their CDs . . . Today.

In Rhythm,

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