Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Can I Say ?!

  Greetings to my two followers and three readers !!  I apologize for not keeping up with the Blog lately . . . but a few things have been going on and most of it wouldn't be appropriate to share here. But, what is worthy of sharing is incubating in the gray matter until they're developed enough to  express for your entertainment.

  Here's a sneak peek into future posts . . . MCDHS = 'My Country Doesn't Have Solutions' ~ "Launching a Leadership Revolution" a book review ~ More 'We Love Brockport' ~ Shadow episode called "The Phantom Voice" ~ 'Competi-Cation' an article ~ 'WNY Healing Drum Circles' my New Meet Up site ~ Why Soccer Rules = especially during football season ~ and review of the book "Twelve Pillars" ! ! !

and until then . . .



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