Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walking in Beauty . . .

  One of many reasons I enjoy and am ‘called’ to play drums is because my heart beats a strong rhythm that calls out to others. When I play my drum I am able to send physical and spiritual love vibrations into the world, and this loving message calls people to ‘Gather in Peace’. The most powerful way to share this rhythm-of-my-heart with others is within a Healing Drum Circle. Group Drumming can change the state of your mind and body, and lift your outlook on life and living. I find joy from this process . . . and with all my time left here on earth, I will share this joy with as many people as possible.

  When we share a positive mental state based on giving love, the waves and rhythm it produces draws people to us. Some of those people are like-minded seekers of truth and beauty. While others are curious as to why they are attracted to your silent way. They may not understand why they are attracted, but they follow the call either way. A third group is the leaners and complainers, and although they may be attracted to us for reasons that benefit no one, they still deserve our love. All three groups are seeking this love, even if they chose not to accept it, and it is our responsibility to share love with everyone !!

  The Ancestors called this profound state-of-being, “Walking in Beauty”. Remaining positive as you walk down the path of life and spreading joy wherever you step. Knowing this and accomplishing it is a difficult road to follow in today’s modern time. (Today I won’t be comparing the stresses of today vs. yesterday!) One of the methods you can use to stay on this chosen trail is to seek out the natural wonders of the world around you. Take the time to become centered in your ‘Now’ and recognize its beauty. As my friend and mentor Dave Markham said, in a recent Video Commentary on his Blog, “Love for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”.

  Heal your ‘self’ and then give to others, lift them up as you have been lifted. Simply put, “To share beauty you must change your view of the world to one of gratitude.” When you are blessed, you must become a blessing. Take the rhythm of your heart and spread the love . . .

Seeking Beauty,

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